Fedora Copy and Paste not Working - Fix

I’ve never been enamored with Gnome3; it works well enough and looks ok but something about it is just… oppressive. I feel locked in when I use it, like I’m in a box. This probably doesn’t make any sense, but using it gives me the perception of claustrophobia.

So, this week I installed XFCE4. I’ve always enjoyed XFCE; cute mascot, low on resource use, and it has always seemed to “just work” for me. Post install I already felt better. I know some people think XFCE, Mate, and other “traditional” desktops are boring, but they work. Additionally, XFCE is customizable enough to be anything you want it to be.

Unfortunately, out of the box copy and paste didn’t seem to work. After doing some digging I found that the Clipit clipboard manager was running by default. Historically this was fine, but now that vendors are switching from Xorg to Wayland this has caused some problems. It seems that Wayland doesn’t and X11 clipboards are not available to one another. I found this blog:


that talks about the issue a bit more, but for me I just decided to remove Clipit, as I’ve never found the need for a Clipboard manager anyway. In Fedora this is as simple as

sudo dnf remove clipit

Immediately after removing it the clipboard still didn’t work, but after a reboot all was well. So, if your Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V aren’t working you might want to check to see if a clipboard manager of some sort is running. If it is, try turning it off or removing it. Good luck!